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Mar. 26th, 2006 | 12:13 am
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I was reading a story that got me to think more about slavery and the dynamics. I take my position seriously, more so then most. Alot of people are into BDSM as a part time thing and that is okay for them. To me though it goes on a much larger scale. I consider myself a 24/7 slave to my Master. To me there is no time for a break. I most always ask permission to fulfill the most basic needs. That is what frightened me while I was still up there. I have always been independent and yet I wanted to give complete control to a man. To know that He had final say on everything: what I wear, eat, et cetera...really the only hard limit that I have other then death and scat is having sex with other males or children. Those are common sense in my mind. Atleast on the death and children aspect. I know there are people who practice scat but I am not into that at all. The story I was reading today dealt with needles being put through the skin. It is definitely something I would consider for my Master. There is many other things I would do for Him but not sure listing them here is appropriate. Since some would not understand.

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